Reinvent the ordinary

25.08. – 04.09.2019
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Triale embraces the experiment, the effects of serendipity through trial and error and the educational benefits of project oriented learning. The summer camp offers a range of corresponding experiments that aim to reinvent traditionally evolved cultural techniques by adding a modern perspective or technology. 
The center of the discourse lies embedded in nature, away from comfort zones and urban infrastructure: Campus Maria Lankowitz in the mountains close to Graz, Austria offers a perfect non-infrastructure for the reinvention of the ordinary. It is a testing environment for ongoing investigations where ideas can elaborate to become rituals, products, or even jobs of the close future. 
You may explore and develop your personal projects in this context or take part in our collective research experiments.

Please read the practical information about this format.


Summercamp Part 1
August 25th to August 30th 
€390,- Students
€490,- regular

Summercamp Part 2
August 30th to September 4th
€390,- Students
€490,- regular

Summercamp Part 1 & 2 combo (discount €150,-)
August 25th to September 4th
€630,- Students
€830,- regular

What do I get?

We will work on the brief and integrate a range of formats, ideas and experiments from past workshops.
Daily routines include lectures and campfire discussions as well as leisure activities like hiking.
You may also work on your own projects within the Triale setup if you wish.
We will utilize material from the natural surroundings, there is also a variety of timber planks and boards available. Depending on the evolving projects we will provide special materials and tools during the process.
The fee covers accommodation, all materials and tools, the program of lectures and workshops, meals and drinks.


as confirmed by June 1st 2019


Below you’ll find an online form to request your participation in the 2019 TRIALE summerschool. Places are limited to 15 participants at a time. After submitting the form you will receive an info e-mail containing  all details on your course and terms of payment. Your booking will only be confirmed after we received a deposit defined in the info mail. 
If you have any questions, please contact triale via